International Trade

Standing Committees

Executive Committee – The Executive Committee shall have the power and authority to transact all regular business of the Association and Institute in the intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors.  The Executive Committee also appoints the members of the Institute Advisory Board.

Finance Committee – Responsibilities include:  i) the oversight of all of the Association’s and Institute’s financial affairs and investments; ii) in concert with the President, preparing the annual budget, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors; iii) verifying that expenditures are made in accordance with the approved budget; iv) serve as the audit committee; and v) provide counsel to the Board of Directors and the President concerning personnel compensation and benefits programs.

Trade Policy/Advocacy Committee – Responsible for reviewing and monitoring the actions, policies and proposals of federal, state and local governments, as well as international organizations and foreign governments, that may affect the conditions for international trade, commerce and investment.  The Committee shall endeavor to provide timely and objective information concerning these matters to the Members of the Association.  In addition, it shall recommend to the Board of Directors action which may be taken to communicate the positions of the Association and the Colorado international business community as a whole to such organizations and agencies in an effort to influence the future director of such organization to be consistent with the goals and objectives of the Colorado international business community.

Development Committee – Broken into Membership, Future Revenue, Real Estate, and Board Development subcommittees. Responsibilities include oversight and implementation of the strategic initiatives leading up to our 2020 opening of the campus.

  • Real Estate subcommittee focuses on identifying possible tenants or users of the space, planning for co-working efficiencies (leading up to and in the campus), tenant engagement opportunities, conference center revenue share and services, and meeting with the development team on a frequent basis to discuss financing, yield, and construction progress.
  • Membership subcommittee serves as an extension of staff outreach efforts to target leads, set up meetings, and engage and diversify members.
  • Future Revenues helps identify future revenue opportunities and plays a significant role in the future of this organization.
  • Board Development responsibilities include: i) recruiting, nominating and educating individuals to serve as directors and officers of the Association, and ii) establishing and communicating standards of performance for directors concerning such matters as attendance at meetings, participation in committees and council, and other contributions of talent and financial support.

To join a committee, please email Karen Moore