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Certificate in International Trade

International Trade Certificate Program

The Institute’s Certificate in International Trade Program is designed to build a comprehensive set of skills that help you assess the opportunities and risks encountered in international business. Upon completion of our trainings, you will be equipped with the knowledge and credentials needed to succeed in a globally competitive marketplace.

To achieve certification, participants must attend trainings covering 48 hours, one World Trade Day conference, and one World Trade Center Denver Annual Membership Gathering. The trainings can be completed in one term, although courses may be taken at your own pace across multiple terms, not to exceed three years. Upon completion of the program, graduates will receive a certificate.


You are welcome to take classes at your own pace. This allows for you to select only the classes that are more interesting to you. However, all of the requirements must be completed within a 3 year time span. Typically, it take the average participant about 1 year to complete the entire program.


Trainings and events may be paid for individually as you progress or you may purchase the entire certificate at the beginning for a discounted price:

Members: $1400

Non-Members: $2800

Student Members: $800

*BIS: Complying with US Export Controls and Incoterms®2020 with Frank Reynolds (ICC Training) trainings are not included in the discounted price.

Contact the WTC Denver Institute with any questions at or by phone at 303-592-5760.

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Meet the Instructors

WTC Denver Instructors are experts in their industry, all with successful careers in their respective areas.  They are up-to-date with current trends, and they share real-world examples and best practices in their live trainings.

Getting the Certificate in International Trade was nothing short of transformative for Katari. I came in thinking what else can I really learn about International trade? I was so wrong. All classes, even the ones that I thought would be too simple to take, turned out to teach me deep enough lessons. As a result, I changed the structure and approach of my business to international trade completely. I am equipped not just with knowledge from WTC Denver classes, but also with an incredible support structure of people whose enthusiasm and knowledge shatter your expectations about where you can go with your business. Nothing but enormous gratitude and appreciation for the doors WTC Denver opened.

Kate Fish

Founder of Katari

International Trade Badges

Looking to concentrate on a particular area of international trade and build your skills in a particular skill?   Earn a badge with proficiency in trade related to Market Entry or Process Development and Compliance.

WTC Denver Training and education programs

Market Entry Strategy Badge

Unlock New Markets. Unleash Your Success. 


The International Market Entry Strategy Badge is a comprehensive program designed to equip current and future business owners with a deep understanding of key considerations, challenges, and strategies involved in entering new markets and establishing new partnerships. Participants develop effective entry strategies and frameworks tailored to their specific business needs. Requirements: Complete 24 hours of training

Member Cost $800| Non-Member Cost $1600


  • Brand Segmentation
  • Developing Your Export Strategy
  • Due Diligence for International Trade
  • Ethics in International Trade
  • Global Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Global E-Commerce
  • International Contracting
  • International Digital Marketing
  • International Expansion: Target Market Selection Parts 1 & 2
  • International Law & IP Rights
  • International Political Economy
  • International Sales
  • Managing Global Hiring, HR, & Teams
  • Tax & Your International Business
  • Trade Finance
WTC Denver Training and education programs

Process Development and Compliance Badge

Streamline. Comply. Protect. 


The Process Development and Compliance Badge is designed to enhance your skills in operations, import-export logistics, compliance, tax, and IP protection. Gain practical knowledge from industry experts and learn best practices from real-life case studies and hands-on exercises that will help you apply what you learn in a meaningful way. Requirements: Complete 24 hours of training

Member Cost $800| Non-Member Cost $1600


  • Due Diligence for International Trade
  • Ethics in International Trade
  • Export Compliance, Obligations and Risk Mitigation
  • Export Documentation, Shipping, & Insurance
  • Foundations of Incoterms 2020
  • FTA Documentation & Regulations (USMCA)
  • Import Compliance Concepts
  • Import Logistics
  • Incoterms 2020
  • International Contracting
  • International Law & IP Rights
  • ITAR
  • Managing Global Hiring, HR, & Teams
  • Tax & Your International Business
  • Trade Finance