WTC Denver Membership

Collaborate locally, connect strategically,
thrive globally

Join a network that opens doors around the world, with one million member companies and over 300 trade centers in 100 countries. Here you can exchange ideas and cultivate relationships with the largest concentration of global business-minded professionals in the region.

Connections are only the beginning. In addition to training and networking events led by leaders in the global community, you can take advantage of vetted resources, tools, services and countless opportunities to play an important role in shaping Colorado’s global future.

Members at all levels gain access to the global World Trade Center network and a foundation of world-class resources, including:

Help Desk • Training and international coursework • Networking events • Trade databases • Advocacy groups •  WTC Denver job board • Interest networks


Our membership levels are designed to fit the aspirations of everyone from well-established international businesses to companies or individuals just getting started in global trade. Whether you import or export, have global operations or support companies who do, there’s a place for you here in our Network for Global Trade Professionals.

Diamond & Investor Levels

We need promotional and sponsorship opportunities

For established global businesses looking for opportunities to expand their leadership in local and global markets.

As a Sponsor Member, you can build brand awareness, develop strategic international connections, share your insights with fellow members and play an important role in shaping Colorado’s global future.

Gold & Platinum Levels

We need growth strategies and solutions.

For expanding global businesses in need of strategic connections and services to achieve growth objectives.

As an Expansion Member, you can take advantage of resources and expert guidance to grow your global business, whether you hope to improve sales in existing markets, expand into new markets, introduce new products or improve the outcome of an overseas merger or acquisition.

Bronze & Silver Levels

We need connections and training.

For emerging global businesses seeking local and international business networking and training opportunities.

Global educational resources are at your fingertips. Learn international business best practices and accelerate your company’s export/import readiness. As a Gateway Member you can learn from classes, peers and global experts how to navigate the complex global trade ecosystem with confidence.

I need to learn new skills to expand my business.

For immigrant and refugees who want to learn how to conduct international trade, develop a local or global trading business, or work in a global company.

If you are an immigrant or refugee and need help in international trade, you are in the right place. We can help you create or grow your international business, or with training to prepare you for a career in international business.  As a participant in the Global Trade Activator preparatory program, you can take advantage of our trainings, networking opportunities, business coaching, technical assistance, and access to capital. You can find more information about this program here.

5 Reasons to Become a WTC Denver Member

Membership Benefits At-a-Glance


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Service Providers

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“Our Sponsor Members are international business leaders with big goals not only for their own organizations, but for the future of Colorado. They are keenly aware of the risks and opportunities of global trade, and we’re fortunate when they share their first-hand experiences and knowledge with fellow members.” Karen Gerwitz, CEO and President WTC Denver