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Could you be a candidate for our Global Trade Activator Incubator Program for Immigrant Entrepreneurs?

Our Global Trade Activator (Incubator) is an accelerated program that immigrants and refugees can go through to bring a product to market in the U.S. or export, increasing their global presence, and achieving greater prosperity through international trade.

Are you a first-generation immigrant or refugee in Colorado hoping to make a difference for your family in Colorado AND in your home country?

Have you dreamt of running your own business or joining a local company and wanting to help them trade WITH your country or region of origin?

If the answer is “YES”, you may be an excellent candidate for the Global Trade Activator Immigrant Program!

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Hear how Javion Blake is leveraging his relationship with the World Trade Center Denver to grow his business

Check out this video highlighting the Immigrant Marketplace at our 34th Annual Member Gathering and look at what a few of our clients from the Immigrant Program are selling!

Watch this recording of the recent Information Session.  Designed exclusively for immigrant entrepreneurs, this program  is your passport to building your own thriving global business. Learn how our program empowers immigrant entrepreneurs to kickstart their international trade ventures

Immigrant Program


As a participant in the Global Trade Activator program you receive:

  • Several free international business training sessions
  • Access to research and data to support trading business
  • Mentor to work with you through your business plan
  • Network and resource referrals to support your plan
  • Assistance to find a job in the field

Through the Global Trade Activator program you receive a discount on the Certificate of International Trade.

  • The Certificate of International Trade (CIT) gives you a well-rounded education on practical skills in international trade that will help you gain a competitive edge in your business.
  • You can earn the CIT by taking 10-12 classes in areas such as Importing, Exporting, Strategy, and Business Operations.
  • CIT is normally $1400 for Members and it is $700 for Immigrants (a 50% discount!)

Learn how you can apply for the Global Trade Activator program or to be a mentor for the program –
contact us at or by phone at 303.592.5760

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“World Trade Day was so exciting and so educational for me. Being there for my second time was a wonderful chance to learn more about my business options”

John Tinkiano, Certificate of International Trade Recipient, 2019. Originally from Sierra Leone


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